Get more organized today


It's a personal organizer or a personal task manager, as you want to use. Its gives you a tool, that permits you control yourself.

If you ask yourself one of this question this app is for you

  • where is going my time?
  • why I feel bad with myself?
  • Why im lost?
  • Im doing it bad, okay or excellent?

You can use it too if you feel like you are losing your time

What can you do ?

I spectate that this app permits you organize yourself, cause its it first objetive, help people make progress, its second object is make groups of people with same interest

You can do all the folowing things:

  • Create,edit,delete,watch ideas and make it goals
  • Create Task and action steps
  • Bitacore of your things done
  • Search inside bitacora
  • Watch your daily time distribution
  • point to a source as a resource
  • Search on resources
  • Index contacts
  • Search contacts by diferents table cell
  • Make a notification for yourself
  • Make your profile -Important on future versions

How can I colaborate?

You can colaborate with me, sharing new ideas through Facebook or Google+ or Patreon for this project or with money via Patreon

About App Version

version- alpha release 1.4.8
Last update 10/9/2018

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